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For Physicians

Referral Criteria

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Weight Counselling

  • Difficulty with weight loss due to disordered overeating behaviours (emotional eating, binge eating, etc.).

  • Above issues causing or contributing to diagnosed psychiatric conditions (anxiety/stress, depression, etc.).

  • Interest in weight and wellness education, awareness-building, and behavioural skills training.

  • Over 18 years old, valid AHCIP, and currently living in Alberta.

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Mental Health

  • Diagnosed psychiatric condition (such as anxiety/stress, depression, disordered eating, etc.).

  • Interest in awareness-building and mental wellness skills training, above and beyond supportive talk therapy.

  • Over 18 years old, valid AHCIP and currently living in Alberta.

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Weight Wellness 
Group Programs

Coming Soon!


The Referral Process


1. Please download and complete our referral form below.

2. Fax the completed referral form to 


Please include the following information:

  • Patient’s full name, date of birth, personal health number, and contact information (including email address).

  • Up-to-date medical history including medication list.

  • Relevant lab work, investigations, and consultation letters.

  • Reason for referral including the relevant clinical outcome(s) you would like us to address.

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